Today is Tuesday, May 28, 2024 The Water Taxi is not running.

We’ll be landing at the Submarine Force Museum & USS Nautilus Soon!

Through its bonding authority the CT Port Authority has approved the Park’s grant application for the design, construction and installation of a water taxi landing – a floating dock just like those at our other landing sites. Introducing this new stop on the water taxi route will be an exciting new venture. To quote a June 2017 editorial in The Day, “ . . .Most important to the park’s mission, adding the Nautilus and Submarine Force Museum to the water taxi stops is another step toward illustrating the totality of the immense breadth and span of the region’s history, a history in which the Thames always has played a vital role.”

More than a year in the making, this could not have been accomplished without the expertise and collaboration of the Town of Groton, City of Groton, the Navy and the leadership at the Subase and The Submarine Force Museum. Thanks to all who helped steer this to success. The Navy has agreed to oversee construction and, once completed, will assume ownership and maintenance. It could be ready as early as 2019.

The Museum receives almost 150,000 visitors a year. We are looking forward to introducing them to all that is happening in the Park.
(See The Day editorial)

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