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Together, we can make the heritage and culture of the Thames River region vivid and relevant to all by connecting people, communities,  institutions, sites, and stories to the historic waterfront and natural landscape of the river. We hope you will join us this year with a gift to Thames River Heritage Park.

In just a few years, Thames River Heritage Park has expanded its program and marketing efforts by

  • hosting over 15,000 visitors on Hop-on Hop-off Harbor Cruises connecting heritage sites on both sides of the Thames and history-themed boat tours;
  •  introducing over 300 youth and educators from the region to the heritage sites and stories about the Thames during boat and walking tours;
  • presenting Stories of the Thames, a popular 6-part winter/spring lecture series and reception in partnership with Lyman Allyn Art Museum; 
  • promoting the Park’s heritage sites to bring tourists to New London and Groton area via Discover the Thames marketing campaign complete;
  • showcasing hundreds of programs and events along the Thames via electronic newsletters to over 4000 subscribers;
  • training 58 ambassadors through the Thames River Heritage Park’s highly acclaimed Docent Academy for volunteer service in the Park’s heritage sites.
But our Heritage Park needs you! We rely upon your generosity through tax-deductible donations or via a non-taxable withdrawal from a 401(k) or other qualified retirement plan.
With your support, we will continue to provide and expand programs and services that enhance the quality of life for residents, promote tourism and keep the history and heritage of the Thames alive today and for generations to come. 
Thanks to a generous donor when you donate to Thames River Heritage Park Foundation’s year end appeal your donation will be doubled through a $10,000 fund they established.  So, when you donate $50, $100 will be added to the annual campaign total. If you donate $100, it becomes $200.
And, with a minimum individual donation of $35, you become a member of Thames River Heritage Park. At each additional donation level, you received added perks and benefits. See THRP Membership for benefits of membership levels and benefits.
The future is filled with potential to connect more people, especially our youth, to the Park’s rich history and historic sites along with restaurants, shops, and entertainment establishments in Groton and New London. Thames River Heritage Park Foundation plans to bring to our community …
  • 2 New Docent Academy Modules
    • Docent Academy II – New London Black Heritage Trail
    • Docent Academy III – Interpreters and the Art of Storytelling 
  • The “Nameaug” – a 3rd water taxi – linking the 200,000 annual visitors to the Submarine Force / USS Nautilus Museums to cities of New London and Groton – along with a new dock at the USS Nautilus Museum;
  • New historically-themed boat and walking tour packages coupled with local dining, entertainment, and shopping excursions to promote group tourism;
  • Collaborative programs with our historic partner sites and education programs to support 4th and 5th grade students and high school history curricula and summer youth programs.
  • Special themed days of programming complete with living history tours, harbor cruises, lectures and other programs at the Park’s heritage sites. 
It’s just the beginning. Become part of the Park’s growth and expansion and join in the restoration of the “Nameaug” and the preservation and promotion of our heritage programs and sites.
Your gift — no matter the amount — will be warmly welcomed, will make an immediate impact AND it will be matched by our generous donor up to a total of $10,000. Please join our members in supporting the Park and enjoy the perks of a complimentary Thames River Heritage Park membership today! Thank you for your contributions to and support for Thames River Heritage Park.
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