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About Us


Welcome to Thames River Heritage Park – a new kind of state park. One without boundaries. Thames River Heritage Park is a collection of over 20 national and historic sites along the shores of the Thames River – linked by a water taxi – that tell the stories that shaped our nation.

The park draws together historical and contemporary sites, communities and institutions on both sides of the river where visitors may experience the region’s many heritage attractions. Four anchors—Fort Trumbull State Park, Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park, Submarine Force Museum, and soon the National Coast Guard Museum—provide visitor services. The anchors and many smaller park sites are tied together by a water taxi system that allows visitors to experience the Thames River itself as the heart of the region.

The Park is a unique collaboration between three municipalities working together to create a rich and diverse visitor experience across their cities and towns and across the river.

Our Mission

Thames River Heritage Park Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission and purpose is to promote, support, and sustain the Thames River Heritage Park, a collection of heritage sites linked by water which capture the history and culture of life along the Thames River.

Our Vision

Thames River Heritage Park will make the heritage and culture of the Thames River region vivid and relevant to all. The Park will connect people, communities, institutions, sites and stories to the historic waterfront and natural landscape of the Thames River Estuary.

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