Thames River Quests

Get a Clue . . . or a few!
Enjoy 1,2, 3, or all 4 Thames River Quests.

These quests are self-guided, family-friendly treasure-seeking hikes that will take you to Fort Trumbull State Park and Waterfront Park in Downtown New London and Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park and Thames Street in Groton. At each site you will follow a series of clues to learn about the history and the ecology of the area and the river while solving a word puzzle that leads to a treasure box. Each hike is a separate experience, but can be linked with rides on the Park’s water taxi. It’s a fun outdoor activity for young and old alike!

Print out a quest below, grab a pencil, and go!

Downtown New London Waterfront Park
Fort Griswold Quest
Fort Trumbull Quest
Hidden Thames Street Quest