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Liberty Launchers

Liberty Launchers

Liberty Launchers $50,000 Capital Campaign to outfit our third navy utility boat in preparation for next season.


Admiral $10,000+
Frank Loomis Palmer Fund

Captain $5,000
Marian Galbraith
Chelsea Groton Bank Foundation
Mohegan Tribe

Commander $2,500
Lieutenant Commander $1,000
Pamela Aey Adams
Ellen & Bruce Cummings
Bruce & Gail MacDonald
Beth Regan
Jeanne & Steve Sigel
Paul & Katie Whitescarver

Lieutenant $500
Deborah Donovan
Keith Hedrick
Joe Selinger
Jim Streeter

Ensign $250
Paige Bronk
Jacqui Copp
Nancy Cowser
Brent Eugenides
Mark R. Oefinger & Barbara A. Nagy

Judy Benson
Brad Boyd
Jim Butler
Patrice Granatosky
Capt. Todd Moore
Michael Passero
Cierra Patrick
Adam Wright

2021 Donors

Paul & Susan Billing
Nancy Cowser
Ellen Cummings
Charles Hatton
Gary & Barbara LaValley

2020 Annual Appeal


Pam Adams
Jackie Bagwell

Sherry Barnes
Margaret Berns
Peter Berns
Paul & Susan Billing
Lucinda Bourassa
Wayne Burgess
Alexandra Clancy
Michael and Janet Clancy
Nancy Cowser
Mally and Jim Cox-Chapman in memory of Chris Cox
Marie Cox
Ellen Cummings
Nancy & Donald Dinovelli

Caroline Driscoll
James Flood
Charles Hatton
Lourdes & James Haynes
Susan Keach
Jay Levin
Gail MacDonald
Matthew Maginness
Robin Maillett
Stephen & Jacqueline Massett
Sara Munro
Lois Muraro
Panoram Foundation
Penny Parsekian
Amy Perry & Bill Posage
Edward Perry

Aaron and Karen Rosenberg
Joe Selinger
John and Lucy Walter
Paul Ward
Francis and Denise Wehner
Mary White
Scott Wolfe
Christopher Zendan

Join these donors in supporting the Park.

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