Today is Friday, September 22, 2023 The Water Taxi is not running.
On this Harvest Moon ... Cruise the Thames to delight in the beauty of the full moon on the Long Island Sound.

All in the boat

Representatives from several of our partner sites got together with TRHP Interim Executive Director Amy Perry for our second annual All in the Boat water taxi ride last week. We caught the best weather of the day during our early morning ride,  and had a chance to share with each other what’s happening at each of the sites, as well as hear highlights of what’s new for 2017 in the Park. Thanks to Captain Steve and First Mate Morgan for such an enjoyable ride. In attendance were Leslie Evans, Avery-Copp House; Jeanne Sigel, Garde Arts Centre; Steve Manuel, New London County Historical Society; Grayson Grazia, Expressiones; Lyndsey Pyrke-Fairchild, Mystic Whaler; and Jacqui Copp, Avery-Copp House.