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Updates to the Yale Study . . . and letters of support galore

In April 2015 The Yale Urban Design Workshop presented a comprehensive study of the proposed Park, its history, and area surrounding it, and compiled an overview of how the park could “engage residents and visitors in a rich program of events, culture and experiences which celebrate the diverse peoples and traditions that have shaped the life of the region.”

You can find the entire document here, and as of now it includes an “Appendix,” which is actually a collection of the many letters of support that the Steering Committee received in favor of the establishment of the Park, and an overview of Water Taxi demonstration project last year.  These letters are key in our application to receive two surplus Navy vessels that will be able to take visitors across the river and connect the parks. You can also read them in a separate document here—they’ll give you more insight into the many organizations and institutions that are really excited about the Park and its possibilities.

Water Taxi Letters of Support

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