Today is Tuesday, May 28, 2024 The Water Taxi is not running.

Our 2 Water Taxis have been donated!

Yesterday, Transition Team Chair Chris Cox gave the Team some great news.

This is your basic Willard utility boat--roomy, efficient, and coming to the Thames River next year!
This is your basic Willard utility boat–roomy, efficient, and coming to the Thames River next year!

“The Navy has allocated two Willard Utility boats valued at $137,000 each to us for a small, $100 fee! These are identical to the Liberty launch that we used in the demonstration project. We are, needless to say, thrilled.”

Chris also added that Crocker’s Boatyard is helping sponsor the project by storing the boats, which will be delivered within the next 2-3 weeks.

Groton City Mayor Marian Galbraith, whose work as Chair of the Water Taxi Subcommittee was, in Chris’ words, “central to the acquisition effort,” clarified that the donation was made possible by both the General Services Administration with the support of the US Navy, and the Connecticut Federal Surplus Program, part of the State Administrative Services Department, who agreed on the (very minimal) cost to us of the boats.

The City of Groton will be the technical recipient and “owner” of the boats, which are already stipulated for use as water taxis by the Heritage Park.

As mentioned earlier, the boats will undergo a survey before being transported, but there are rumors of a “They’re Finally Here” party to be held on the date they arrive. We’ll keep you posted.

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