Today is Tuesday, May 28, 2024 The Water Taxi is not running.

The Team is zeroing in on the TRHP’s nonprofit status . . .

. . . and not a moment too soon, to judge by all the great events going on this month in and around the borderless borders of the Park, that we’d love the new non-profit to be part of.  As members learned at the last meeting of the entire Transition Team, all sub-committees have been working hard and had great news to report. Progress has been made on the setup of the 501 c 3  organization that will be set up to develop the heritage park in coordination with the towns and DEEP, the initial locations being Fort Trumbull, Fort Griswold, and the New London waterfront area. Nautilus Museum representative Captain Carl Lahti also reaffirmed the Navy’s commitment to be part of the park and water taxi transport system, as soon as necessary dockage is in place. The Governance and Organization sub-committees have drafted a mission statement which will be reviewed at the next meeting of a whole; then Bylaws can be created and we’ll have all the pertinent documents in to the Secretary of State within approximately two weeks after that.

With a mission and Bylaws, Team members can flesh out the draft marketing plan and accounting system, and then begin to really concentrate on promoting the park for next year, and teaming up with all the great historic, educational, and entertainment activities offered by organizations and businesses in the area.

But non-profit status or not, the areas comprising the Park are loaded with fun and exciting things to do this fall (we hope you all survived the pirate invasion in nearby Mystic this weekend). Coming up is the increasingly popular and educational Fall Thames River Cruise held by the New London County Historical Society on October 18th. Held on the Cross Sound Ferry, this year’s program will include both indoor (below deck) and on-deck presentations, this year centering on Native American maritime life in the area, and featuring guest speaker Dr. Jason Mancini who will be giving a presentation on Indian Mariners. It’ll be awesome!

thames river cruiseAnd whatever you do, do not miss the 2015 New London Food Stroll on Wednesday October 14th –walk around downtown and sample an uncountable variety of yummy things from over 50 participating restaurants and vendors, enjoy music, and enjoy the great weather.

Be sure to visit the “Minutes” page of our website to get a full report of team meetings. And check our Facebook page—if something interesting is afoot in the Groton/New London area, especially within the borderless borders of the Heritage Park, we’ll do our best to promote it here!

Also visit the New London Waterfront District’s web page for a calendar of events, adventures, and festivities.

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