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On this Harvest Moon ... Cruise the Thames to delight in the beauty of the full moon on the Long Island Sound.

Submarine, Battlefields & Betrayers Tour Extended for 5 More Dates!

Our weekend 90-minute military themed tours were a huge hit this summer, selling out every weekend. Our volunteer tour guides entertained passengers with military stories spanning more than 4 centuries. Many thanks to Marian Galbraith, Capt. Paul Whitescarver, Gail MacDonald, and Mark Jones. And, a big shout out to Capt. Scott Arsenault and crew members Deniz and Alex. On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being best, four out of five riders rated their experience a 5.

THIS JUST IN: We have extended the tour for 5 more dates before we pull out our boats for the season. Click here for more information about the times and dates of our most popular tour.