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Sub Committees

Below are the Transition Team sub-committees and a brief list of tasks assigned to each.

1. Organization Committee
Juliet Hodge
Kristin Clark, Richard Grahn
a) Develop a timeline of less than one year, tasks, and name associated with each task
b) Create working name for the new non-profit
c) Locate and secure office space
d) Draft scope of work

2. Governance Committee
Joe Selinger
Richard Grahn, Penny Parsekian, James Butler, Ellen Cummings, Deborah Donovan
a) Draft bylaws
b) Select the founding board of directors
c) Prepare mission and vision statements for the nonprofit (vs. park) and strategic plan
d) Secure non-profit status for new entity
e) Establish standing committees and roles and responsibilities for each

The Finance Committee hard at work
The Finance Committee hard at work

3. Finance Committee
Chris Cox
Brent Eugenides, Penny Newbury, Kristin Clarke, Deborah Donovan-will assist
a) Secure an interim fiduciary agent
b) Create a fundraising plan, including funding sources and target amounts, and initiate fundraising
c) Create operating budget and capital budgets
d) Set up bookkeeping system to track grants & report financials

Communications & Programming Committee
Communications & Programming Committee

4. Communications & Programming Committee
Penny Parsekian
Deborah Donovan, Ellen Cummings, Laura Nadelberg, Penny Newbury, Chris Cox (assist) (DEEP assist)
a) Communicate progress to stakeholders and with the press
b) Create marketing plan
c) Oversee website and social media
d) Bring together historic sites within the park to meet with the Yale Urban Design Workshop and initiate/foster collaboration

5. Water Taxi Planning and Operations
Marian Galbraith
Bob Ross, James Butler, Paul Whitescarver (Technical operation), Henry Alves (DEEP assist)
a) Explore possible boat leasing and operation for later this summer
b) Explore partnerships for next summer, including who will own the boat, operate & market it
c) Oversee purchase, transport & fitting out of the two donated boats

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