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Help preserve the heritage sites on the Thames and connect New London and Groton with the Submarine & Nautilus Museum.

It’s Official

The Thames River Heritage Park Steering Committee met for the final time last Wednesday, and agreed that the Transition Team would take over the coordination of the next steps in forming the non-profit that works in collaboration with the sites within the Park on both sides of the Thames River. One of our favorite reporters, Judy Benson of the New London Day, has been covering both the Steering Committee and Transition Team’s activities since their inception; you can find her article on the hand-off here.

The Steering Committee met for over a year to “revive a plan to join existing historical sites on both sides of the Thames River into a multi-site state park.” Many members are now members of the Transition Team, including Chris Cox, who is its new Chair. This is really helpful, since it ensures the continuity of the activities planned and the timeline for completion. For example, the two grant applications initiated by the Steering Committee are now being overseen by Transition Team sub-committees, and hopefully we’ll hear some news regarding their status within the next few weeks. At the Team’s next full meeting we’ll be approving the mission statement and reviewing the status of the 501 c 3 application. So stay tuned!


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