Steering Committee

The Steering Committee had its first meeting in October of 2012. It consisted of Avery-Copp House board members and major funders. Its original purpose was to work with the Yale Urban Design Workshop on the creation of a collaboration with other historic sites. It grew to become a sounding board for Yale’s creation of the heritage park report and a forum for helping to move the park forward. Its members include individuals who were involved in earlier efforts to develop the park, municipal staff, officials, and stakeholders from both sides of the Thames River. It met on a monthly basis until 2015 when it began to meet quarterly. Its work then transferred to the Transition Team, which was organized to form the non-profit that will work in collaboration with the sites on both sides of the Thames River to develop the park. Several members of the Steering Committee are now on the Transition Team, to ensure continuity.

Thames River Heritage Park Steering Committee members

Pam Aey Adams
Board President, Eastern Regional Tourism District

Bruce Avery
Avery-Copp House Finance Committee

Susan Bailey & Al Valente
Groton Business Association

Kristin Havrilla Clarke
Groton Economic Development

Tammy Daugherty
Director, Office of Devel. & Planning

Deborah Donovan
Tourism & Heritage Consultant

Janet Downs
Avery-Copp House Governance Committee

Brent Eugenides
Avery-Copp House Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair

Leslie Evans
Avery-Copp House Museum Director

Marian Galbraith
Mayor, City of Groton

Bruce Hyde
AICP, Land Use Educator, UConn

Hali Keeler
ex officio Avery-Copp House

Senator Andrew Maynard

Ted Moukawsher

Councilor Martin Olsen
New London City Council

Penny Parsekian
Chair, Thames River Heritage Park Steering Committee

Councilor Mike Passero
Mayor, City of New London

Susan Tamulevich
New London Maritime Society

Priscilla Wells
Avery-Copp House Board of Directors

Elissa Wright